Weight gain and birth control

Weight gain and birth control

Weight gain and birth control

Most of us often tend to try our hands at this or that without knowing everything about the Weight gain and birth control. And quite consequently, we tend to have a very vague and blurred idea about most of those things. And this basic unawareness causes a lot of problems. In fact, the problems come in both ways. Either we make wrong use of things and fall victim to some problems, or we get obsessed with some side effects, out of sheer speculation of ours. The usage of the birth control pill is one of these. We always seem to have some questions or other regarding the usage of the birth controlling pills. We are never sure of its success rate. Neither we are much certain about its aftermath effects. Even, the best birth control to avoid weight gain is also doesn’t work. Always come through a buzz of speculations that it has a strong connection with the weight gain later. So in this article, we will be discussing the connection between birth control pills and weight gain and also the best remedy for weight loss after birth pills, whether there is any connection at all, what are the real Side-effects of birth control pills, and what are the possible precautions or cure. Best birth control pills without weight gain are the best solution but not every time.

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Weight gain and birth control reasons and remedies


The real reason:

To be very honest, the actual reason behind this Side-effects of birth control pills is a mystery in biological terms. The birth control pills work out on the basis of hormonal plays. Best birth control to avoid weight gain is sometimes difficult for some women. This side effect is, though common, not applicable for every woman. In fact, a few women do face this problem as an after effect. But even if it happens to you, do not get much worried about this as it is a mere temporary side effect, with no long term problem. Because you never store any extra fat due to this. The little amount of weight that you tend to gain, happens due to fluid retention. So, cheer up. You are not becoming fat, you are just gaining a little weight for a while. The pill, the ring, the patch, IUDs, and the shot can have a diverse range of side effects on women because we all have different hormone levels—for instance, you may have more naturally-occurring estrogen in your system than others. So, you must need the best birth control pills without weight gain. So, there is no such thumb rule for this case.


Firstly, you must have proper, clear knowledge about the compositions of these birth control pills. They mainly work out on hormonal levels and do contain estrogen as the main baby-fighting ingredient. So the amount of estrogen that you tend to retain in your body, is most likely to be washed out through your urine. Apart from that, what remains there is basically water weight, not fat. And you can get rid of your water weight through some cautious and acute measures.

Drinking water is a good amount:


Best remedy for weight loss


Apart from the regular diet and exercise chart, one can also opt for some other biologically proven, sound things to keep weight under control.  And these tricks are very simple, organic, and easy to follow yet they might prove to be very effective. Drinking a good amount of water is one such common thing that is used as a weight-loss trick as well. And in most cases, it has proved to be effective. And this is the safest possible way to follow that has several other benefits too. Drinking water stops one from retaining water. And this retaining will consequently help you lose the water weight, stored within. This is the best remedy for weight loss after using pills.

Boosting of body metabolism:


Boosting of body metabolism


Your metabolism is the most deciding factor in the loss of weight and body fat. One thing that we all must know is that we all have different calorie requirements according to our height and weight. The body metabolism is decided according to this individual intake of calories. And this metabolism is the deciding factor in losing weight. To get a proper BMR (Basic metabolic rate) we need to do a proper diet and drink a good amount of water. It helps boost your metabolism. And drinking cold water keeps a better effect since it takes a longer time and a greater effort to make your body heat again from the cold.

A good amount of sleep:


Best remedy for weight loss


Sleep is one of the most important factors while on a diet. Because when it comes to the gaining or losing of the mass or the muscles, it always works out the best at the time of rest or sleeping. It will re-energize you after a hectic schedule. Sleep may also affect the sympathetic renal nerves in the kidneys, which regulate sodium and water balance. This is the best remedy for weight loss in less time.



Stress less Women


Excessive work pressure puts a very bad effect on us, causing obesity and weight gain. Even after abiding by a strict diet chart, based on low-carb foods, you can end up losing nothing. This excessive amount of stress is one of the leading reasons behind your obesity and weight gain. So, you always choose the best birth control to avoid weight gain. The side-effects of birth control pills are sometimes dangerous for women.

Cut the number of Carbs:


Best birth control to avoid weight gain


A low-carb diet mainly aims at cutting down the margin of carbohydrates in your daily food consumption. It does not merely mean decreasing the number of foods from your dining table. That might result in the deficiency of other necessary minerals and proteins in your body. Remember, all fruits are not banned from your diet. You can always go for berries. And at the end of the day, you to compensate for the need for your system by adding an extra amount of chicken, egg, and fish to your diet.

Here the solution to weight gain and birth control problems and the best remedy for weight loss.

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