Healthy skin is a reflection of the overall health condition of an individual. Though it is easy for one to neglect her skin in summer as it is not as dry or itchy like in winter. Here we give a top 5 ideas to protect your skin in summer. But one needs to know and remember that summer is the most important time when she should take care of her skin more than ever. You must take care of your skin with the help of this article where you get the tips for glowing skin in summer. But the lazy days of summer do not mean that we should be lazy with our skincare regime, in fact, it means we should be even more diligent. You can also take care of your skin naturally with the help of the tips of home remedies for glowing skin in summer. We all know that in these summer days our skin becomes more and more sweaty, the oil secretion rate becomes higher. These days our face used to look dull and sticky generally. We must try the best anti-tanning treatment in summer. The most important thing we need to know is sun protection. Because nowadays UV-Rays are very harmful to our skin. So, we must take some tips for the best skin protection from sun damage.

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Well, now you must be wondering what should I do to protect my skin!!

One should avoid being in the sun during the peak hours between 10 am to 4 pm when UV rays are strongest. This is the best skin protection from sun damage. But nowadays especially for working persons, it is not possible to avoid this time. So there are few ways to protect your skin in summer. We must try some best anti-tanning treatment in summer.


In this article, I am gonna give you my 5 top tips through which you will get to know that how to keep your skin refreshed, protect your skin from tanning and how to give your skin a fresh look.

People generally look for the proper way to apply sunscreen on their skin. In this particular article, I am gonna cover all these queries people use to have:

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List of top 5 ideas to protect your skin in summer


1. Use a Sunscreen Lotion:




The best and most common way is to use sunscreen lotion on the open areas along with the face and neck. There are several sunscreens available in the market like Lotus Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF 40; Biotique Bio Sandalwood 50+ SPF UVA/UVB Sunscreen. Lacto Calamine Sun Shield SPF 30 PA ++, Glenmark La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40 and many more.
Now let’s come to the proper use of sunscreen lotion on our skin. What we people usually do, that is if we need to go outside of our house, as soon as we apply sunscreen, we go out. But this process is not done actually. Sunscreen takes 15-20 minutes to be active on our skin. So my tip is if you need to go out of your house in summer days, apply the sunscreen minimum before 20 minutes to give it time to be active on the skin. I hope you get that point. And one more thing people use to ask how to apply sunscreen. Here I would like to say that if you are applying your favorite moisturizer, let it get absorbed first. Then apply the sunscreen before 20 minutes of going out. You can also apply the foundation on the face after applying sunscreen.


2. Use Sunglasses for face:




One thing we should definitely use to protect our face and the sensitive skin around our eyes is Sunglasses. Obviously we use it for style too but it also helps us to protect our eyes and under-eye area. Sunglasses prevent the dark circles and tanning of our skin around our eyes. And please always try to wear only those sunglasses which provide UV protection.


3. Use of Umbrella:




This is my third top tip to protect your skin in summer is to make use of an Umbrella. Some of us generally neglect the usefulness of this particular thing in summer days. But I am telling you, it is one of the most essential stuff we all should use in summer. So we should create our habit to carry an umbrella always in summer days. It is not only important for your skin, but it is also very useful to protect your hair from sun rays.


4. Use of a Scarf:




After applying Sunscreen, Sunglasses and carrying an umbrella we should always scarf in summer when we go out in the sun. This is the best skin protection from sun damage. At least when the sun is top of your head and hit is burning around us then a scarf can protect our skin from the extreme persecution of sun. So we should carry a scarf in summer to protect our skin as well as our hair.

5. Apply anti-tanning treatment:




In my fifth and final tip to protect your skin in summer, I would like to suggest you wash your face using cold water after returning home from anywhere in summer. The splash of cold water gives your skin a sigh of relief and a gentleness from the extreme torture of sun. You can also apply rose water on your face for additional purposes. In this case, you can do one thing. That is to keep the rose water (Gulab Jal) in the refrigerator and spay the cold solution after washing your face with cold water. It will make you feel good.
For the people who have more sensitive skin, they can apply ice on their faces too. Give your skin an ice massage after washing it cleanly. But if anybody doesn’t want to use it then they can apply cool tomato on their face. It contains a lot of vitamin ‘C’, Licopin and other valuable extracts for our skin. Actually, Tomatoes reduces the dullness of our skin. So I would highly suggest the Tomatoes for our skin. You can also apply this on your neck and hands. This is the best anti-tanning treatment in summer. It works in a great way, and your skin will surely say thanks to you. These are the best home remedies for glowing skin in summer.
These all actually work like an anti-tanning treatment. I will give this final point a big thumbs up.

So, these are the top 5 ideas to protect your skin in summer according to your requirements.

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Bonus Tip:

You can make use of any face pack on your skin minimum 4 times a week to reduce dullness, oil secretion and control sweaty as well as sticky skin. These home remedies for glowing skin in summer are the best and natural ways to take care of your skin.


These are some tips for glowing skin in summer and all tips are interconnected. So make use of them all properly to protect your skin in summer days.

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