How to prevent stretch marks

How to prevent stretch marks?

How To Prevent Stretch Marks

How to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy? is become the most important question for women. Thanks to the several awareness columns, standardization of physical beauty in public media, that nowadays, man has quite deliberately become aware of his physique and has become more health-conscious consequently. In our modern age of pace and urban luxury, when our dependence on ‘two-minutes’ fast-foods and junk foods is constantly on an increase, we are becoming daily victims of obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and above all an ill-health. And having stretch marks is a common symptom of imbalance of excessive fat in our body. Striae gravidarum, which is popularly known as stretch marks, looks like indented streaks in the skin. They may be red, purple, or silver in appearance. Stretch marks most often appear on the chest, thigh, stomach, hips, and also the arm junctures. This is a common symptom that crops up during the post-pregnancy period, but that does not anyway mean that it only happens in the case of pregnancy. It also happens due to the improper distribution of fat in one’s body. When an extra amount of fat is stored in a small surface area of the human body, stretch marks automatically appear. Best stretch marks prevention during pregnancy is the most concernedly part. This basic obsession for a good look has automatically made us take care of our health also. In this article, we give certain information and the best way to treat fresh stretch marks.

Here, we will talk about the tips and the best way to treat fresh stretch marks and get rid of these stretch marks. These are very simple and easy means as well.

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Some Tips for how to prevent stretch marks



Drinking a good amount of water:


Best way to prevent stretch marks


How to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy? the best and easiest answer is drinking a good amount of water. But primarily, it keeps your body hydrated. And stretch mark is not solely about the fat distribution, but also about the quality of one’s skin. Water keeps your skin soft and soft skin decreases the scope of stretch marks in your body. A daily amount of 3-4 lit of water is necessary for a healthy living.

Nutrient-rich diet:


Best way to treat fresh stretch marks


Best stretch marks prevention during pregnancy is eating a nutritious diet. Generally, all foods comprise three basic components, irrespective of their nature. These are, as we all know, Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. And all these three elements have both sides i.e Good protein& Bad Protein, Good carbohydrates & Bad carbohydrates, Good fats & bad fats. Now let’s go through the list of foods under all of these three categories:

Calorie Distribution for a Beginner should be followed like this:

Carbohydrates: 50% – 55%
Proteins: 35%
Fat: 10% – 15%

Good Proteins:

1. Lean red meat
2. Chicken (no skin)
3. Turkey
4. Fish
5. Low-fat dairy

Good Carbohydrates:

1. Sweet potatoes
2. Yams
3. Beans
4. Corn
5. Brown rice
6. Oatmeal
7. Whole-grain products
8. Veggies (these are fibrous carbs)
9. Strawberries
10. Bananas
11. Pears
12. Grapefruit
13. Apples

Good Fats:

1. Cold-water fish
2. Low-fat cheeses
3. Sunflower seeds
4. Walnuts
5.  Almonds
6. Peanut butter
7. Olive oil
8. Canola oil
9. Safflower oil

Here the best diet plan for how to prevent stretch marks:


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The best way to treat fresh stretch marks is you can start your morning with a full bowl of oatmeal. You can mix it with dry fruits, almonds, a teaspoon of honey and milk. And do your breakfast to the fullest. It is the most important meal of the day.


If you stay at home at noon that is good. But if you stay outside, then that is even better. While staying home, you can have a small cup of rice along with a bowl of fresh veggies. You can also add a small chunk of fish (100gram) to it. And if you stay outside, you better carry your tiffin from home. You can have 3-4 slices of brown bread accompanied by a little amount of peanut butter. And to balance the protein quotient, you can add up two egg whites and this is the best stretch marks prevention during pregnancy.


This is the best time to have a stomach full of seasonal fruits. And have it in a pretty good amount. And in the latter part of the afternoon or earlier part of the evening, you can go for a cup of fresh green tea with one tablespoon of nuts or so.


We all know that dinner should be healthy and light. But you can never afford to miss out on any portion of protein, required for your body. So, a big bowl of home-made hot chicken soup will be a good response to your taste buds and appetizer. This stew must be full of fresh veggies like carrots and beans.

Vitamin-rich diet:

All the vitamins are very much important in your diet in order to get rid of the stretch marks, Vitamin C being the most necessary. You should also add protein, and zinc to your food.


So, this information gives you an idea about how to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy?

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