Lingerie Styles For Every Body Type

Lingerie Styles For Every Body Type

Lingerie Styles For Every Body Type

Good lingerie not only makes you feel comfortable but also sets your mood for the entire day. Because the ‘feel good’ factor comes when we look good. The right kind of lingerie gives you that confidence which is very necessary, it also helps you to become a little carefree, especially when you’re dancing your heart out. So basically, lingerie plays a vital role for women and finding the right kind of lingerie is a big deal because the size and fit depends on the body types and the different brand has different size patterns. And honestly, not everyone can look good in each piece of lingerie put in front of them. So here we are to help you find the perfect kind of lingerie that will suit your body type.
We have listed a few options and you guys are smart enough to understand which type will be suitable for you. So Let’s dive into Lingerie Styles For Every Body Type.

Here are some top Lingerie Styles For Every Body Type are.

1. Bodysuits for an Hourglass.

Women with this body type have breasts and hips which are equally proportioned, and the waist is smaller. Anything that accentuates the sexy waist of an hourglass-shaped body will be the perfect choice for them. Bodysuits are not only sexy but they enhance and compliment the natural curves of an hourglass shape. These are available in different patterns and designs from silk to lace. So be bold and show off every bit of those beautiful curves of your body.

2. Flare-bottomed babydoll for broad shoulders.

Babydolls have a looser fit, a shorter hemline and often have cups for extra chest support. A babydoll can flatter your shoulders and the flared bottom will give volume to your bottom half, balancing out your figure top to bottom.

3. Corsets for Apples.

Corsets usually accentuate the waistlines and busts and also helps to get rid of tummy troubles and thicker hips. A pair of high-cut panties will draw people’s attention and your legs will be the talking point. An apple-shaped figure looks beautiful with corsets.

4. Demi cups for banana bodies.

Girls with banana bodies don’t have many curves, so the trick is to create the illusion of some by wearing proper lingerie. Demi cup bras will push up the chest and give it a more voluminous look. You can accent the top of the breast and create cleavage with this type of lingerie piece – which comes in a variety of styles and ruffle accents.

5. High-waisted panties for narrower hips.

You may have bigger breasts but if you have a smaller bottom or narrower hips then you need to know the trick to grab the attention. So opt for high-waisted panties in order to balance out your busty top but the smaller bottom.

6. Matching sets with a ruffle bra from triangle shaped women.

Matching lingerie is always classy and sexy at the same time. There’s something very sensual about them and it works best for triangle shaped women. Usually, these might seem a bit expensive, but they’re worth every penny you invest. Especially when the bra has ruffle detailing it becomes perfect for a triangle shape body that helps to create an illusion.

7. Garter belt for rectangle shaped women.

Some women have everything on a straight line and no defined curves, and that’s called a rectangle shape. Their hips, shoulders, and bust are almost at the same level. There’s not a definite waistline, and most athletic-looking bodies can be categorized as rectangle shapes. So for this body type garter belt works really great to create curves. You can also go for push-up bras that looks better if you fall into this category.

8. Silk or satin night-gowns for everybody.

The everyday basics are quite necessary for all of us. And silk gowns are women’s favorite. It is easy to wear and the pretty and feminine designs make a woman feel beautiful from within. Silk keeps things sexy, while women get to feel a bit more comfortable in bed. And every woman can wear these, no matter what your body type is. So it’s definitely a plus point.

We hope, this article Lingerie Styles For Every Body Type help guide style in a proper way. Every woman should embrace their body the way it is because there is nothing called perfection. But you also need to understand your body type so that you can dress up according to that and gain an extra bit of confidence. We hope this article has helped you. If it has, don’t forget to give us feedback.

Until next time, stay beautiful.

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