How To Lose Weight For Women

How to lose weight naturally for women

How To Lose Weight For Women

How to lose weight naturally for women? is a big question for all women. A weight-loss diet plan is a need of the dying hour as obesity has hit hard all and sundry, right from eighteen to eighty. And this has worried all the physicians and doctors the most. The youths are being the greatest victims of this obesity. In our modern age of pace and urban luxury, when our dependence on ‘two-minutes’ fast-foods and junk foods is constantly on an increase, we are becoming daily victims of obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and above all an ill-health. This over-weight has certainly been a burden for the youths of our society, both literally and otherwise. And when a gender-based statistics was done regarding obesity and ill health, women quite comfortably topped the list. Despite being even-steven in every possible field of profession, lack of physical activities hit women harder for their overall body structure and physique. And they need the best fat loss diet plan for females. This gradual increase in our body fat is constantly worrying all and sundry as it affects the overall physique both internally and externally. This unhealthy condition due to the consumption of unhealthy foods is coupled with the constant work pressure that is always on the increase. So in any gym, most men go for bodybuilding while women go for losing fat and they need the best weight loss tips for females. But at least this awareness has come, thanks to several awareness programs. Yet what we lack is an overall healthy biological clock. You cannot run for some 10 minutes and then have a chunk of pizza. No, you simply cannot. So an out and out change in lifestyle is what we need. And this can only be balanced by a proper healthy diet and the best diet for women weight loss.

If the question is how to lose weight naturally for women?

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Here some tips for how to lose weight naturally for women:


  • A hard rough dry diet needs to be coupled up with a good amount of cardio exercises in the gym. If this robust routine can be maintained 24*7, then losing weight even in a week is possible. So, here we will be discussing these in two consecutive sections, namely- A. The Foods & B. The Exercises.
  • There are some basic guidelines that one can follow. And these rules are very scientific and systematic. So what we need to do at first is to have a basic knowledge of the components of each and every food that we usually have and also a clear idea about what our body needs. Also, the Best fat loss diet plan for females.
  • Then only we will come to know that there are many deficiencies in terms of the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals in our body. Either we infuse these excessively into our body or there remains a lack in our food selection. So we need to be very much wise in the case of our daily meal selections.

Generally, all foods comprise three basic components, irrespective of their nature. These are, as we all know, Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. And all these three elements have both sides i.e Good protein& Bad Protein, Good carbohydrates & Bad carbohydrates, Good fats & bad fats. And these are the best weight loss tips for females. Now let’s go through the list of foods under all of these three categories:

Calorie Distribution for a Beginner should be followed like this:

Carbohydrates: 50% – 55%

Proteins: 35%

Fat: 10% – 15%

Good Carbohydrates:

  1. Sweet potatoes
  2. Yams
  3. Beans
  4. Corn
  5. Brown rice
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Whole-grain products
  8. Veggies (these are fibrous carbs)
  9. Strawberries
  10. Bananas
  11. Pears


Best fat loss diet plan for females


Good Proteins:

  1. Lean red meat
  2. Chicken (no skin)
  3. Turkey
  4. Fish
  5. Low-fat dairy
  6. Grapefruit
  7. Apples


Best weight loss tips for females


Good Fats:

  1. Cold-water fish
  2. Low-fat cheeses
  3. Sunflower seeds
  4. Walnuts
  5. Almonds
  6. Peanut butter
  7. Olive oil
  8. Canola oil
  9. Safflower oil


Fats for weight loss very fast


Now let’s come straight to the point, where we are going to discuss the proper diet chart, the timings of the meals and of course the quantity of it. But before that, we must know the thumb rule of a proper diet. If you want to lose weight scientifically, with no harm in the long run or no after effect, then remember these four rules:

  1. Never skip a meal and maintain the best fat loss diet plan for females
  2. Have your meals a good number of times a day and with regular intervals.
  3. Never fill your stomach fully.
  4. Sustain more on water, fruits, and vegetables.

Now, in case of a serious weight loss diet plan, you need four proper meals a day. And that goes like this-

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You can start your morning with a full bowl of oatmeal and this is the best weight loss tips for females. You can mix it with dry fruits, almonds, a teaspoon of honey and milk. And do your breakfast to the fullest. It is the most important meal of the day.


If you stay at home at noon that is good. But if you stay outside, then that is even better. While staying home, you can have a small cup of rice along with a bowl of fresh veggies. You can also add a small chunk of fish (100gram) to it. And if you stay outside, you better carry your tiffin from home. You can have 3-4 slices of brown bread accompanied by a little amount of peanut butter. And to balance the protein quotient, you can add up two egg whites. This is the best diet for women weight loss.


This is the best time to have a stomach full of seasonal fruits. And have it in a pretty good amount. And in the latter part of the afternoon or earlier part of the evening, you can go for a cup of fresh green tea with one tablespoon of nuts or so.


We all know that dinner should be healthy and light. But you can never afford to miss out on any portion of protein, required for your body. So, a big bowl of home-made hot chicken soup will be a good response to your taste buds and appetizer. This stew must be full of fresh veggies like carrots and beans and this is the best diet for women weight loss.


NOTE: For women, it is not always possible or easy to do all the heavy cardio exercises for some physical limitations. So for them, maintaining a robust and the best diet for women weight loss is the most important thing as there is not much scope to burn it by sheer physical activities. Yet, we provide a list of exercises that can be done.



Best diet plan and exercises


Cardio, cardio, and cardio- that is all one needs to lose weight. We can provide you with a list of cardio exercises-

1. Biking/ Cycling: 10-15 minutes

2. Trade mill: 10 minutes

3. Jumping jack: 3 sets

4. Planks: 1 minute/3 set

5. Ball squat: 15times /3 sets

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