Celexa And Weight Gain – A Link

Side-effects of Celexa And Weight Gain – A Link

Celexa And Weight Gain – A Link

We, all are becoming the victims and slaves of this modern age pace and urbanity and also we are not able to understand the Celexa and weight gain – a link or not. So taking of anti-depressants like Celexa can always add a little extra icing to the cake. An immense speed in daily life for the sake of better productivity is often seen to take away the simple pleasures from life. Also, people don’t understand the side-effects of Celexa medications. Though the effect might be hardly a little apparently, but gaining a pound or so is nonetheless bothersome. Consulting with a psychologist can do some good, but taking anti-depressants is not. Most of the anti-depressants have several side effects as well and there is a lot of benefits of getting off Celexa. And we go on using those without knowing the effects properly. The question arises is how Celexa causes weight gain? Actually Celexa is not directly increasing your weight but it is the reason for increasing your appetite. So that you eat more and gain weight. So, in this case, you just need to maintain your weight.

Obesity has been putting a threat to everyone right from eighteen to eighty. And it is affecting the youth of our society. This unhealthy condition due to the consumption of unhealthy foods is coupled with the constant work pressure that is always on the increase. And these are causing both minor and major physical problems, obesity is one of the leading ones among those. Statistics might assure you about the increase in the individual life span, but it never talks about the quality of one’s life. The quality of life spending is something that depends on how healthy you are, how active you are and at last but not least, how much fit you are. How Celexa causes weight gain?

The connection between weight gain and Celexa: How Celexa causes weight gain? No one can be cent percent certain about the connection between obesity and anti-depressants, but there are some connections nonetheless. Also, a lot of benefits of getting off Celexa. The side-effects of Celexa medications affect your weight mostly.

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Some facts that tell you Celexa and weight gain – a link or not:


Affecting metabolism:

Your metabolism is the most deciding factor in the loss of weight and body fat. One thing that we all must know is that we all have different calorie requirements according to our height and weight. The body metabolism is decided according to this individual intake of calories. And this metabolism is the deciding factor in losing weight. Taking Celexa can affect your metabolism, resulting in an ever-increasing appetite. Then you tend to eat more and get fat. There is a lot of benefits of getting off Celexa.

Imbalance in appetite:

This is another crucial factor. The people to take Celexa, being depressive people, always tend to lose their appetite and the desire to eat for the obvious depression. But the moment Celexa starts working out for them, they again get back their appetite doubly. And then they tend to eat more suddenly and this is the little side-effects of Celexa medications. This overeating with an empty stomach is the key to obesity. There is a lot of benefits of getting off Celexa.

Way outs:

We have already discussed a perfect diet plan for maintaining a fit physique in another article and those are the best way to maintain weight. You can follow that. But never forget to abide by the thumb rules. Now let’s come straight to the point, where we are going to discuss the proper diet chart, the timings of the meals and of course the quantity of it that helps you out from the side-effects of Celexa medications. But before that, we must know the thumb rule of a proper diet.

If you want to lose weight scientifically, with no harm in the long run or no after effect, then remember these four rules:

A. Never skip a meal and this is the best way to maintain weight.
B. Have your meals a good number of times a day and with regular intervals.
C. Never fill your stomach fully.
D. Sustain more on water, fruits, and vegetables.


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You can start your morning with a full bowl of oatmeal. You can mix it with dry fruits, almonds, a teaspoon of honey and milk. And do your breakfast to the fullest. It is the most important meal of the day.


If you stay at home at noon that is good. But if you stay outside, then that is even better. While staying home, you can have a small cup of rice along with a bowl of fresh veggies. You can also add a small chunk of fish (100gram) to it. And if you stay outside, you better carry your tiffin from home. You can have 3-4 slices of brown bread accompanied by a little amount of peanut butter. And to balance the protein quotient, you can add up two egg whites.


This is the best time to have a stomach full of seasonal fruits. And have it in a pretty good amount. And in the latter part of the afternoon or earlier part of the evening, you can go for a cup of fresh green tea with one tablespoon of nuts or so and this is the best way to maintain weight.


We all know that dinner should be healthy and light. But you can never afford to miss out on any portion of protein, required for your body. So, a big bowl of home-made hot chicken soup will be a good response to your taste buds and appetizer. This stew must be full of fresh veggies like carrots and beans.


You always have to do a good amount of cardio and freehand exercises along with this diet plan. And do check your weight on a regular basis. That will certainly help in attaining your mission of losing weight. At last but not least a good amount of walking, jogging, and swimming can do a benefit to you.

These tell you about the Celexa and weight gain – a link or not.

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