Tips To Avoid Weight Gain During Holidays      

Tips to avoid weight gain during holidays 

Tips To Avoid Weight Gain During Holidays

We want to always plan a holiday in our busy life but sometimes we can not maintain our proper diet and gain kgs of weight. Here some tips to avoid weight gain during holidays. Obesity has been putting a threat to everyone right from eighteen to eighty. And it is affecting the youth of our society. This unhealthy condition due to the consumption of unhealthy foods is coupled with the constant work pressure that is always on the increase. In our modern age of pace and urban luxury, when our dependence on ‘two-minutes’ fast-foods and junk foods is constantly on an increase, we are becoming daily victims of obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and above all an ill-health. Statistics might assure you about the increase in the individual life span, but it never talks about the quality of one’s life. The quality of life spending is something that depends on how healthy you are, how active you are and at last but not least, how much fit you are. The best food for weight loss on our holidays is the best option for us. We all dream to wake up one fine morning with 5kg of belly fat deduced from our body so that we can again go for all those tantalizing junk foods and gobble them up with no effect on our body. But this is far from reality. The best diet-chart for the holiday program always demands a thorough method of immense dedication. Also, the best free-hand exercise for weight loss is best during our holidays. So, there are some basic guidelines that one can follow. And these rules are very scientific and systematic.

But thanks to the several awareness programs, TV shows, and newspaper articles, people have started trying to be a little conscious and cautious about their overall health, fitness, obesity and daily best food for weight loss consumption. And people have woken up from the never-ending sleep of unawareness and casualness. Many are joining gyms and are trying their best free-hand exercise for weight loss to abide by a strict diet chart throughout the week. But a common problem is cropping up for everyone and many are seen to ask this same question many dieticians and doctors through various articles, and interviews- all of them have a common question i.e how to maintain the diet in holidays and weekends?

You will be surprised to know that all the doctors and dieticians prescribe a day’s leave from the strict diet rules, once a week. It not only keeps some delicacies for your tongue but also readjusts the entire physiological system. And you can re-energize yourself from the next working day to an ultimate dedication for a strict diet plan. So, here we present some of the thumb rules to maintain your physique even during the holiday irregularities.

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Here Some Tips To Avoid Weight Gain During Holidays


Never make your food holiday lengthy:

No matter whether you are going out of the station for five days or fifteen days, you should never allow your food holiday to be that much longer. Have a stomach full of delicious dishes once or twice. But the other days should be any ordinary day to your stomach. It is very obvious that you won’t be able to abide by the strict and best diet-chart for the holiday that you follow throughout the year, yet you should give a check to the quantity.

Fill your stomach with breakfast:

No matter where you go, the breakfast dishes are never much oily or rich. And one remains the hungriest at the earlier hours of the day. There is always a chance of getting bread, or cornflakes and also maintain the Best diet-chart for the holiday. So have those in the morning hours in greater quantity. If you are traveling to a remote place, keep these basic things with you. This is the best way to maintain weight on holiday.

Never skip your stomach empty:

This is anyway a thumb rule for any diet. With the busy schedule of the holidays, it is never easy to have food at regular intervals. Yet have something like dry fruits or digestive biscuits. This will also resist you from having a huge amount of food at one go. This is the best way to maintain weight on holiday.

Break the rules once and not for all:

Yes, celebrate your holiday with food once or twice during the entire holiday. Never go with the idea of having a little something or other every day. Instead, have a full-fledged food fun for one or two days. But for the other days, try to resist yourself. Also, you must follow the best diet-chart for the holiday.

Basic freehand exercises:

You should never miss a basic and the best free-hand exercise for weight loss inside your room right after you leave the bed. This will keep you healthy throughout the day. You can also go for a walk. This will keep you healthy, both mentally and physically.

A stricter diet and exercise once the holiday is finished:

If you are breaking the rules, you need to pay it back in twice the price later. So the moment you get back to the regular routine, put double effort on losing weight.

You always have to do a good amount of cardio and freehand exercises along with this diet plan. And do check your weight on a regular basis and eat the best food for weight loss. That will certainly help in attaining your mission of losing weight.


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